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Copy Writing

Most of what I consider "copywriting" really doesn't belong on this site.  Product and service descriptions, company histories, brochure copy, advertisements–I've done it all.  Most of it is simple and boring, but it fit the task. 

I have included a couple pieces here that are longer writings meant to brand my company of the time, Big Dog Warehouse, Inc.  We succesfully branded ourselves in a saturated field and gave consumers (and our competition) the impression that we were much larger than we actually were.  We were first to market with educational articles designed to help consumers make smart choices.  We told the truth about our industry, which frankly pissed a lot of people off.  However, consumers liked it and it was excellent for business.

If you have web content or collateral writing needs, I'll be glad to assist you.  Just contact me with your writing needs and we'll go from there.  Thank you.