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The following writings are chapters to The Professional Truck Driver's Encyclopedia, a 40-chapter book that I wrote and designed while marketing director for Pittsburgh Diesel Institute of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Research was conducted from a variety of source material.  The book was used in the classroom and marketed online as a self-study course entitled The Professional Truck Drivers Commercial License (CDL) Testing Preparation Home Self-Study.  Though Pittsburgh Diesel closed its doors to students, the course is still being marketed online.

The book took two full years to research and write.  The layout was done in PageMaker 6.0… good old PageMaker.  Graphics were done in CorelDraw.

The purpose of showing these chapters is to illustrate that I can write about any subject matter, regardless how distant it is from my personal experience.  I couldn't drive a "big rig" if my life depended on it.


All files in Adobe PDF format.

>> Pre Trip Inspection

>> Diesel Engines

>> Basic Shifting

>> Air Brake Systems

>> Copyright Information